Summit Gymnastics & Fitness Center
941 Maple Street
Elma, New York 14059
(716) 652 - 5334

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Summit fitness is a safe and convenient way to achieve all around physical fitness, in the shortest possible period, using the Circuit System.

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SUMMIT FITNESS: Available at your convenience. following an initial assessement clints should select an alternate day schedule for their crcuit workouts to obtain the greatest physiological benefit from the program. On the "off" days, we recommend cardio exercise.

SUMMIT FITNESS: Developed for people who want to get the most result from the time they have allotted for physical fitness. The Summit Fitness program allows you to begin your program, and proceed without interruption. You can then focus your attention on working hard to obtain the best results.

SUMMIT FITNESS: Your program will consist of cardio-vascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility using the Circuit System. The circuit involves the use of stationary bikes, rowers, steppers, treadmills, weight stations and a stretching area. The amount of time you spend at each area and the training intensity is determined by your health assesment sheet.

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To join Summit Fitness: obtain a health assessment sheet from the receptionist and schedule an appointment to meet with a trainer to discuss your fitness needs and exercise goals. Return the completed sheet at your appointment, at which time the trainer will select the appropriate machines, set the proper exercise load and instruct you on safe exercise form.